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The Teaching Pedagogy

  • The teachers emphasize on conceptual clarity and understanding the subject rather than mechanically cramming the answers
  • Students are encouraged to read the best books, journals and magazines for gaining real knowledge instead of reading guides
  • Mid-Sem exam (MCQs) is conducted from time to time
  • Interesting Case Studies and Subject Related Videos are shown to the students from time to time
  • The latest audio-video tools and Power Point Presentation are used to impart teaching
  • Mid-Sem Test to encourage the students to prepare for the upcoming exams (MCQs)
  • Subject-Material: The college provides material to the students in all the subjects. It can also be downloaded from the college web-site.
  • Book Reviews will be held to enhance the reading habits among the students. The number of repeat-readers has increased drastically. This knowledge helps them perform better on the ground.
  • A college-magazine to inspire the students to write and give a reflection of the college events
  • Invitation to guest-speakers who are experts in their own field to interact with the students and share their views on varied topics. Stalwarts like Tushar Shukla (A renowned Gujarati Writer), Falguni Vasavada (MICA), Abhishek Jain (Be yaar & kevi rite Fame), Aarti Patel (My FM),Yash Vasant (Founder of BNI) and Bhavesh Upadhyay (INTAS) were some of the distinguished speakers who have already visited various institutes at LJK.
  • Internship Fair: To acquaint the students with the organizational culture and give them an opportunity to earn. The students will be place at events like; Vibrant Gujarat Festival, Sabarmati Festival, International Kite Festival, kabaddi leagues, football leagues, cricket matches, marathons, Government events like KalaMahakumbh, Khelmahakumbh and many more.