Talent Identification & Sports Performance

Talent Identification 
Talent Identification typically refers to picking up the best natural or best performing of the moment by an individual to participates in the major upcoming competition, In short, the conversion of Identified raw talent into outstandingly trained champion often presented as talent identification 

Why Talent Identification?
If the Initial talent is Identified in young athletes, we can categories them in the specific training and nurture their particular talent towards a specific one.
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Talent Identification is very useful for the young athlete,with the growing biological age the talents also changes,and somewhere if talent is not identified in the specific zone and time, it may become less effective as proper training methodology has not achieved,
Talent Identification is scientifically helpful, if the talent detection is done in a particular age-wise, a talent identification should be categories :
1.    Initial Talent Selection 
2.    Intermediate Talent Selection 
3.    Final Talent selection 
Our Criteria of selection should not be “ Pick them young “ the correct one should be “ Pick them at the right age “.

Initial Talent Selection 
In this Category young children below 9 years are tested with the general talent Identification method, not such scientific selection method is required with this group.
The testing criteria in this section are: Body Coordination, motor ability, etc

Intermediate Talent Selection 
This method of talent identification usually has some added scientific methods which are used to identify the qualities of a young athlete from the age group above 10 to 12 Age,
The Selection criteria include in this section are Body Composition, health testing, motor abilities, skill, etc.


Final Talent Selection 
Roughly by the end of basic training ( after about 3 years of training )and with age varying in the range of 11-12 years for young sports, 13 to 14 for normal, and 16 to 17 years for old ones talented athlete are expected to reach certain performance level. Talent assessment wise they stepped into the process which is called Talent orientation.

                                             Age of Beginning of training 

Below 9 years 10 to 12 years 

 Above 13 years old

Gymnastic, tennis, table tennis swimming, etc     Football, Basketball,
Volleyball, badminton, fencing, Athletics, etc    
Boxing, wrestling, judo, etc


Model of Talent Identification
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