Sports Management in India is growing at a rapid pace and now offers plenty of opportunity and pay with satisfaction for one to choose it as his or her career. In 2015 only 2 institutes were providing a degree in Sport Management but now around 10 institutes have been established to give the country the best manpower to manage mega sporting events like IPL, PKL and ISL and the also to manage the stars like Virat Kohli and Pardeep Narwal. 
Sports Management is the new Investment Banker in the economy. New companies in the field of sports management are coming up every month. From digital sports or e-sports to physical training, the ventures of all type are now bringing sports connection.
When people hear sports management they just think of the agents of Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma. But the sports management is greater than that. A person having a degree in sports management can easily enjoy variety of career opportunities at professional sports organizations, private companies, government schemes and nonprofit organizations. The roles can be from a marketing manager for the company, a consultant to the government scheme, advising a sports celebrity on his social media posts and organizing sporting events. A start is what will get you where you wish to end.
A sports athlete earns a lot but may fail to invest and donate. Their social status keeps them in good books of the people. A sports manager with their market knowledge helps such athletes for service opportunities and coordinates with community appearances. Sports managers work as special consultant to make a difference.
The industry is just not about the athletes and leagues. The effort and work put after them is tremendous. People work day and night to make an event happen.  There are many mental and emotional challenges one has to face while working in the industry but the vibrant and fun filled atmosphere will absorb you quickly. That’s where the entertainment begins.
Being in the sports management doesn’t mean that life revolves only around the sports stars. At times you have to deal with high profile clients that may include meeting chairman of many multi-national companies and ministers of the state. This may be because of the charity or endorsing a brand. You will find yourself around the top people of the field and casually sipping coffee with them telling anecdotes.
While working as a sports manager you’ll learn skills that are highly needed to be at the top of the pyramid. While working with the best, you’ll learn the best from them and eventually others will learn from you. The industry requires absorbing high pressure situations which you’ll be able to learn after being in the industry. Dealing with clients and negotiation for the athlete you represent is only possible when make yourself available for the industry.
If you have the passion and want to be a player off the field, Sports Management is the road recommended. 
You don’t know, but you can be the next Jerry Maguire.

Written by : Prof. Aakriti Ahuja